*Avoid any delivery delay by providing your full address along with your contact details.
*If you need to change your delivery address after you have successfully placed your order,
please contact our online customer service department.
*In case of missing or uncompleted shipping address, the online customer service department will contact you to confirm on the address, if there was no response, the order will be cancelled within 24 hours.
*Shipment Package cannot be opened upon delivery, you must receive it from the courier in order to open it.
Shipping Duration مدة زمن الشحن
Within 2-3 business days خلال٢-٣ ايام عمل
Zone 1 منطقه 1
Within 3-4 business days
Zone 2 - Zone 3 خلال ٣-٤ ايام عمل
منطقه 2 - منطقه 3
Within 4-5 business days خلال ٤-٥ ايام عمل
Zone 4 منطقة 4  
Within 5-7 business days خلال ٥- ٧ ايام عمل
Zone 5 - Zone 6 منطقة 5 - منطقة 6 


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